Where in the World did the Time go?

Have you ever had those days or weeks .. well in my case months where you wonder where in the world did the time go? I feel like the last few months have been one blur of a day. I wake up, get a couple of hours of work done, take a couple hours to relax before I have to make a ridiculous early dinner before I head off to work in the evening, come home and sleep. Repeat. I have good intentions to post, I have all these ideas running through my head I would love to share, but then all of a sudden I realize Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I haven’t posted a single thing and oh wait now it’s November 11th holy crap what happened?!

School and a New Job
As of October 17th I am officially a holistic nutrionist, I have a fancy smancy paper to prove it. What am I doing with it? It’s currently … somewhere and I have yet to put any of my skills to use except for telling people not to use agave nector and wanting to yell at people to stop eating the sugar free candy at work. For the past month and a half I’ve been negotiating with Jason at Evoke Medicine to come on board as their media designer and program manager. I haven’t really wanted to announce anything until I signed my Hancock to the piece of paper, but it looks like that will happen very shortly. So yay!

Tweaking Designs and Evil People
As of mid-September, I decided to switch hosting so my apologies for broken images everywhere, things did not go smoothly. On Thanksgiving, 30 minutes before I needed to start cooking the birds, I received a call from my website security company saying my site had been hacked with malicious infection, if I did not do anything about it quickly my site would be black listed. Holy shit! As a friend of mine asked, “Why do people do these things?” Some money down the drain everything is clean, my site has a firewall, and you nor I need to worry. I had been spending time before this to tweak the design a bit, add a sidebar, some ads etc. Where’s the sidebar you ask? Well right before launch I decided I didn’t like a cluttered sidebar and decided to get rid of it. Which caused the site to go wonky and I had to start from scratch. One month later things are back to semi normal and I have people shaking their heads laughing at me that I took so long to do what exactly? So bear with me while I get things back to working condition, while I try to tackle on a million other things.

FBC 2014
I decided to say screw it to my graduation ceremony (sorry not sorry, but I don’t want to twiddle my thumbs waiting for a piece of paper) and decided to celebrate it at the second Food Bloggers of Canada conference which blew my mind! I met some fantastic people – Raj and Holly from The Primal Desire, Kristy Gardener from She Eats, and Angie from Friday Cake Night. This year’s conference was so raw inspiring starting with Robin Esrock’s opening speech that resonated within me to the end with Aimee Wimbush-Bourque’s call to action in narrowing your blogs focus within a hashtag. I didn’t leave the conference inspired or passionate, jumping up and down with excitement to put plans into place. Instead I felt stripped down, raw and a little bruised, but I liked it. It pushed me to consider my passion and future that I’ve never felt before.


Tomato Tart with Goat Cheese & Basil

We’ve, meaning the internet, has stated this over and over, but we can definitely hide things and make everything look so peachy keen – cue pink, sparkles, and fluffy marshmallow like clouds. Why is it that when I think happy go lucky, cutsy wootsy that’s what I think of? Like a very bad television show with a princess wearing pink with long blonde hair. I don’t even like pink .. or princesses… anyways rambling. There are bloggers that make writing stories look so fluid and easy, with one quick sentence they can embrace you, drag you into their world and be able to taste the food with one imaginary digital bite. Then there are others, like me, where writing out one paragraph when not in the mood is like trying to get a cat to take a bath. Not very pretty and you’ll want to wear long sleeve shirts for a week.

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Back to Basics – Grain-Free Crust

In grade one, oh so many years ago, I had the bad habit of cutting my clothes during school. My parents realized this habit one day doing laundry and had a meeting with the teacher in where she expressed that I needed “help”, when really I was just bloody bored. You see I was told to create a pattern in class so I did, yellow-red-yellow-red, in my young little head my thought pattern was pretty rationale – you told me to make a pattern so I did, you didn’t tell me to make a complicated pattern. My Dad looked at me and said, “Heather, next time create a complicated pattern.”

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Blackberry Mojito Pimm’s

Today marks a very special day, a day of freedom to do nothing; no assignments to write, no tests to study for, not even work to anxiously wait for in the evening. I can lounge in my sweat pants all day on the couch if I wanted to, which I’m going to try, but I’m not one to relax very well, so we will see how long that lasts. Let’s take bets – two hours? Five hours?

I silently saluted to all my classmates who are kilometers away, we all celebrated hard this week, but we worked even harder to get where we are today. Dealt with insane timelines – let’s write a case study in two weeks while writing and preparing speeches for another class. We crammed intense knowledge into our heads in a short amount of time, like a university level anatomy and physiology course in two months. Scapula anyone? We even dealt with crazy politics like not allowing one of our friends to celebrate with us. There were tears of frustration and love and I wouldn’t have asked for a better group of classmates to walk this journey with me. Best of luck in your endeavors wherever in the world that may be. I salute you with a glass of booze in one hand and a cheesy delicious pizza in the other.
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Peeling an Egg with a Spoon

Disclaimer – This post is part of A. Vogel’s herbamare campaign; we were given three samples to try. All opinions are my own.

A.Vogel has asked Canadian food bloggers on “How do we Herbamare?” this month and I leapt at the chance to join in. Last summer during the sprouting challenge I was given a little sample of their original flavour and it has been a constant companion in my lunch bag; making everyone at school a wee bit jealous.

To be perfectly honest I don’t really add salt to a lot of things, I try to keep my sodium intake low, but I do I use it on my hard boiled eggs adding just a little something something. Herbamare uses ingredients like organic sea salt and herbs like leek, cress, lovage, garlic, and kelp. I highly recommend making the switch to sea salt; it’s a natural occurring substance that hasn’t been chemically bleached so it still contains minerals like calcium and magnesium.

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