Hawaiian Sweet Potato Chips

I love surprises, because it rarely happens when people can pull the wool over my eyes and truly shock me. I love it as much as those, random inspiration bursts that leave you with an amazing product. These chips are exactly like that. Going to the T&T Supermarket for me is like putting a kid in a candy store, they have produce I wouldn’t find in my everyday Superstore and my CSA’s garden box program has been put on hold due to our wet spring we had. I nabbed this little Hawaiian Sweet Potato, not knowing what I wanted to do with it.

Don’t let the drab cream exterior fool you though, this little sweet potato packs a lovely magenta inside, once cooked turns into the loveliest royal purple hue.

Have you ever seen one of those black potato chip bags with colourful root vegetables slice thinly and fried on the front? I forget the name of the brand, but instead of just plain potato, they fry sweet potato, yam, taro, and probably another root vegetable I’m forgetting. I could be addicted to those. They have a deep earthy flavour more so then just your average potato chip.

Luckily with help from a mandoline, it’s easy to make these in a snap and you don’t need to fry them in oil to achieve a nice crunchy snack. Peel the yam, slice with a mandoline, cover with a little bit of oil and whatever seasonings you want, bake for 12 minutes in a 400F and you have a snack that’s worth getting addicted to.

Hawaiian Sweet Potato Chips
  • Hawaiian sweet potato (or any root vegetable)
  • water
  • vinegar
  • oil
  • pepper
  • salt
  1. Peel the sweet potato skin and wash under water.
  2. Turn on the oven to 400F.
  3. Prepare a bowl of water and vinegar, several tsps of vinegar will work. These sweet potatoes like most root vegetables oxidize when exposed to air and will turn brown. I noticed with these the magenta like colour turned into a drab brown. The vinegar and water helps stop this oxidizing process.
  4. Slice your sweet potato with a mandoline for a fine chip, depends on your style. Once cut, place in the water/vinegar mixture. If you have a large sweet potato do so half way or in quarters.
  5. Take the slices and pat dry before placing them in a bag, pour oil and seasonings to your liking – I used olive oil, some more vinegar, generous amount of pepper (I lost count of how many turns the grinder took), and some sea salt. Mix and shake the bag (with the end closed 😉 ).
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and place each chip on it’s own (no doubling up, see above photo.) Bake for 12 minutes. Keep an eye on them, they should have a portion of brown and purple for a decent crisp and taste.
  7. Serve that day, I found they didn’t taste as good the next day.

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